The hoverboard is the cool electronic gadget is also known, as a self-balancing scooter invented in 2013 by Shane Chen but these hoverboards becoming famous in the market in 2015.hovarboards are an attractive gadget which attracts almost all the teenagers and adults as well.


These days celebrities also use hoverboards in videos upon social media which gone viral and increases the demand of hoverboards in the market. There are various brands producing hoverboards but we have to choose the best one to keep in mind the safety concern.

Due to increasing the demand for hoverboards in the market, the hoverboard manufacturer is also increasing but all the manufacturers are not concern about the safety of customers while making the hoverboards, they just want to sell and make money. Many of them producing a hoverboard under 100 $ for customer demand.

 We cannot trust all the brands as there are many incidents that take place in the USA, approximately 15 incidents take place where hoverboard batteries caught fire and burnt the entire room.

 The hoverboards also catch fire while charging or riding, the batteries were overheated, exploded, sparking which cause burn the bedroom or even the entire house. So we have to choose the best manufacturer of hoverboard after the proper research.


There are many brands of hoverboards in the market and different brands of hoverboards have different features, technology, and designs, but we cannot neglect the safety aspect of hoverboards and always look for those brands who have certification of UL2272, so we share some trustworthy brands which you can choose. Many of them hoverboard manufacture from the USA



This brand of hoverboard provides the fastest speed as compared to other hoverboards, its maximum speed is about 12mph, Its racing tries helps the person to reach the destination fast. It is the most expensive hoverboard brand but also has expensive features that make it unique.

 This brand has 4 types of hoverboard with different features. Every updated version has updated features than old ones, Out of which two are made for normal people and the remaining two are specially designed for racing or other sports activities. epikgo have both Bluetooth hoverboards and without Bluetooth.

 Epikgo has not their own website so you can purchase this Amazon.



Segway is the most renowned company of motto hoverboard in the market and producing their products in the USA. This brand has certification of hazard-free products and its batteries are also trustworthy and long life.

Segway mini pro is the best version of hoverboards of segway the old trustworthy company in the market of hoverboards. Mini Pro is famous for its fastest speed and double battery engine.

The segway mostly targeted the customers who are business professionals but anyone can buy it if they want the best, comfortable and fastest hoverboard.

FEATURES:-  high speed, dual motor engine, maximum speed 10mph/hour, long-lasting batteries.



The king in the market of the hoverboard is swagtron which provides us the best versions of hoverboard .this brand concern about the safety of customers more than just selling the product, that is why you can trust upon the swagtron hoverboards without any doubt.

The king in the market of the hoverboard is swagtron which provides us the best versions of hoverboard .this brand concern about the safety of customers more than just selling the product, that is why you can trust upon the swagtron hoverboards without any doubt.

Swagtron has 4 versions of hoverboards that have different features, T13 out of them are best as it has the fastest hoverboard in the market its maximum speed is about 10mph.


UL2272 Certified, fastest speed, trustworthy, Bluetooth and without Bluetooth.

4. GOTRAX:- 


After the viral news of hoverboard catch fire, mostly all the hoverboard brands upgrade their models of the hoverboard, gotras is the brand which is UL2272  certified and take care of safety concern of customers.

Gotra has a new and coolest version of hoverboards which make it different from other hoverboards, it has all types of hoverboards for kids and adults as well, and its cost is also economical and is available in less than $200. And its reviews in the market are very positive. So you can buy this hoverboard without much research over it.


The maximum speed of 7.4 mph, economical, high-quality material tires



Razor company like segway is also the oldest company in the market of hoverboards. It has the cheapest hoverboards than any other brand and anyone can afford it. The Hover-Trax 2.0 is the good hoverboard version.

Its maximum speed is about 7mph according to its cheapest price its features has also less than other brands but it is affordable for anyone who wants hoverboard but does not want to spend much on it. You can buy it from Amazon as this razor company sells its product through the third party only

All the above-mentioned brands of the hoverboard are making high-quality hoverboards and also keep in the mind the safety factor of customers. These all hoverboard brands are best reviewed on Amazon. All of them have different features and prices than others, you can buy any of them if you want.

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