The next-gen cool trendy gadget which will soon become popular around the globe is the hover shoe.

Hoverboards have been popular among people for a long time now. However, have you ever imagined what it would be like to divide a hoverboard into two by cutting it from the middle? If are planning to buy a pair of the same here is a list for you to consider and what all things should be kept in mind while buying your first pair of hover shoes

If you do so, then what you get is nothing else but a pair of hover shoe which has the combined advantage of both a skateboard and roller skates.

A lot of people around the world have been adopting the use of hoverboards and self-balancing technology used in hovering.

However, when it comes to safety, improved battery, customization and self-balancing, hoverboard users were looking for a gadget that is a step ahead of hoverboards.

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This is where the demand for hovershoes came in from.

Launched in May 2018, hovershoes are a blend of the concept of hovering with technology and come with better safety, battery life, customization, and efficiency compared to hoverboards and are much more fun.

Belonging to the hoverboards family, hover shoes are battery-operated roller skates. They have one large roller and a flat mounting platform large in size for each foot where the rider can stand with ease.

With hover shoes, it is safer and easier to have independent control on each foot, unlike that with hoverboards where your feet are glued to the board making it difficult to control at times.

How Does a Hover Shoe Works?

There is a variety of hovershoes being sold in the market and come from sleek LED design which can reach a speed of up to 13 mph to models that have one freewheeling shoe and can go up to a speed of 8 mph.

A pair of hover shoes have the following features:

  • Gyroscope: It helps in maintaining the balance and adjusting during tilts.
  • Battery: They support high watt lithium batteries which makes it more fun, energy-efficient and longer-lasting smart gadget.
  • Motor: The motor provides high-tech shoes with the required power for its wheels making it easier to balance and remain upright.

Wanna know which is the best-suited pair of hover shoes for you?

Read on, as here is the list of best hovering shoes for sale in 2019.



We have curated for you the list of best hovering shoes for sale with their features, pros, and cons.

  • Hoverclub Electric Hovershoes: The electric transportation mode is gaining much popularity and if you too belong to the family of overshoes lovers then you surely must have heard about Hoverclub Electric Hover Shoe.

These pair of hovershoes are a perfect combination of stylish and solid build and stunning features.


Supporting self-balancing technology and dual footboard these hovershoes have passed the UL 2272 certification. It is free from threats and weighs around 2.8 kgs which makes it easier for the user to carry them wherever they want.

These pair of hover skates are easy to wear just like a normal pair of shoes.

It comprises 250- watt dual motors and can reach a speed of 12 Kmh.

Hoverclub hover shoes are suitable for use both by kids and adults and can carry a weight of 286 lbs.

It requires 1.5 to 2 hours for these electric hover shoes to get fully charged and can travel up to 10 km in a single charge.


  • It is UL 2272 certified.
  • Supports self-balancing technology for a safe risk-free ride.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • Solid and sturdy built.


  • The engine gets extremely heated when used continuously for long hours.
  • Hoverwheel Hoverskates Self-Balancing Hoverboard Style Hover Shoe Skates: When buying hovershoes, the main focus of the users is on power and safety. The hover shoe brand’s hovering shoes are those which come with a pair of unique features. They are a steal deal of the best product along with the best price.
Hoverwheel Hoverskates

These pair of hovershoes have a 250-watt brushless motor which makes it extremely safe while using.

The product has received the FC & CE approval along with the UL 2272 certificate. This makes this pair of shoes free of fire hazards.

The compact dimensions of the product make it easier for the user to carry them. They also come with a carry bag and have been declared airline approved.

It supports seven lithium-ion batteries and can be fully charged within a time span of 2 to 3 hours. The users can achieve a high speed of up to 12.3 Kmh with this pair of shoes and the shoe can run for a distance of up to 12 km in single charging.

The weight of each of the hover shoes is 3.3 kg and can bear a weight of up to 286 lbs without any risk.

The non-slip footplates also add to the safety of the gadget.


  • It is UL 2272 certified and hence is fireproof.
  • This pair of shoes are waterproof as it supports the IP65 waterproofing technology which protects it from water damage.
  • It can be carried anywhere as it is airline approved certified.
  • Covers a distance of up to 10kms in a single round of full charging.


  • The engine gets extremely heated when used continuously for long hours.
  • It takes more time to get fully charged compared to other shoes on the list.

  • OULV Koowheel Electric HoverShoes: If you are looking for a pair of hover shoes that have unique features, latest technology and comes in your budget then OCLV is surely the best choice.

It is a pair of hovering skates that can be purchased within a budget of $500.

These pair of shoes come with the dual-flat board and self-balancing technology. It is UL 2272 certified and ensures that the riders have fun while riding it.

It is risk-free to use these pair of hover shoes and hence is suitable even for the kids to play around with.

The weight of each shoe is approximately 2.8 kgs which makes it the lightest weighing hovershoes in the entire list.

The compact design makes it easy to carry portable gadget which in spite of its compact design delivers great performance within a budget price.


  • It ensures a risk-free ride on account of being UL 2272 certified.
  • Also, support the IP65 waterproofing technology which protects it from water damage.
  • This can run up to 8 km once fully charged.
  • can be used for longer durations as it does not gets heated up efficiently.


  • Has no color options available.
  • Does not supports LED lights
  • Koowheel Electric Roller Hovershoes with LED Lights: The pre-installed LED lights in this model of hovershoes makes it extremely popular among the youth and is gaining popularity at a high pace.

Apart from an LED  and sleek and compact design, these pair of hover shoes come with some other unique features accompanied with high performance.

It gives the users a feel of skating and is UL 2272 certified which makes these pair of shoe risk-free from any fire hazard during and after use.

The model also supports the IP65 technology which makes it waterproof and prevents it from any damage due to water.

It is easy to carry them anywhere you want as it comes with a carry bag and weighs less than 3.3 kgs. These shoes are so comfortable that they can be worn anytime irrespective of the weather conditions.

Each of the shoes has a 250-watt brushless motor and can achieve a speed of as high as 13-14 Kmh. The footpads support a waterproof panel and are extremely comfortable to use.

The pair takes up to 2 hours to get fully charged and can run for around 10 km in a single round of charging.

There are three sets of LED lights- red, blue and green which are attached even in the front of the hover shoes.


  • Being UL 2272 certified this pair of hover shoes ensures a risk-free ride.
  • It supports LED lights which add to the modern look of this pair of hover shoes.
  •  It can run up to 10 km once fully charged.
  • It has self-balancing technology which provides better control to the rider.  


  • The engine gets heated quickly when used for longer durations.
  • MixMart Electric Roller Skates: HoverShoes makes it easier for the youth to have fun without having to invest in fuel which is adding to the popularity of the gadget.

MixMart’s pair of hover shoes comes with advanced features and sophisticated design which fits in the budget of the buyers.

They are safe and easy to use and can be used anyone above the age of 8 years.

The self-balancing technology of these shoes makes it a safe device for people of a young age as well. supports a 250-watt battery and can run at a speed of up to 12 Kmh. It is waterproof as it also supports the IP65 waterproofing technology and can be used in any kind of terrain by the riders. It can run for a distance of up to 8 km in a single round of full charge.

The model has passed the UL 2272 certification and comes with a carry bag which makes it quite handy for the users to carry the product with them anywhere they wish to.

When compared to other hover skates in the list, this model is the lightest of them all adding to its portability and ease of use.


  • Being UL 2272 certified this pair of hover shoes are free of fire hazards.
  • It has a lightweight sturdy design.
  • The IP65 technology makes is waterproof.


  • The engine gets heated quickly when used for longer durations or in hot weather.


While choosing the most suitable pair of hover shoes for yourself, we suggest you take note of certain things which are as follows:

  • Reviews: Before deciding which pair of hover skates you should invest your money is always waiting for a second and read the customer reviews regarding the same.

Going through the reviews of the users who have actually used the product will help you gain first-hand information about the performance of the model under review. 

You can also find out what all the problems are the users facing.

  1. Brand: Hover shoes is a recently launched product and caters to a specific niche. Hence before buying the pair of hover shoes that fit your requirement, it is better that you study the brand offering it.
  2. Price: Before buying the model of your choice look after the price at which it is selling.

The price of the product has a direct link with the looks and the feel of the pair of hover shoes under consideration. This means that if the product has a bit high price it must have some additional features or certification attached to it adding to its safety and performance.

  • Battery Power: They use lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable and require a time of 2 to 4 hours to get fully charged. The battery used also has an impact on the performance and the distance to which it can run in a single round of full charge. 

Consider the battery of the model you are planning to buy and note how much distance it can travel and what time it takes to get fully charged.


The hover shoes mentioned above are completely risk-free and can be blindly trusted. For your benefit, we would recommend you do some basic research before buying the right model of hover shoes for yourself. You can have a look at the material used, the grip, price, design and other features that suit you before ultimately buying the hover shoes of your choice.

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