Some of the best ways to spot fake hoverboards and differentiate them from the quality ones

A self-balancing scooter or a skateboard with wheels has become popular since 2015 when a Canadian made a world record with his invention. It is an amazing toy enjoyed and loved by kids and celebrities as well. It has been setting a high trend in the market to have a hoverboard for playing and even for transportation. This can be used by any age group and at any point in time.

Best Ways To Spot Fake Hoverboards
Spot Fake Hoverboards

But there has been news coming of fake hoverboards sold around the market. A hoverboard costs quite much and it is really disheartening that fake hoverboards are being in use and people are really mad about this fact.

Even the online sites who sell hoverboards stopped their delivery of the product because. There have been cases of hoverboard explosion, not working properly and etc. Where the customer has to ask for a refund of money because they received fake hoverboards.

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Reason of explosion of hoverboards

It is for sure that the manufacturers or developers of the best quality hoverboard make with high-quality batteries and chargers rather than using cheap quality chargers that have low ignition point and the batteries must be made up of lithium which explodes easily.

So here are some tips to keep in mind before buying hoverboards and finding the real hoverboards.


Ways to find which one is real and which one is a fake hoverboard.

A mistake in the spelling of the name –

Fake companies use a logo that imitates just like a popular brand, the spelling might seem at first sight but when you look closer then you will notice the small differences.

For example, a brand called Segway in China sells hoverboards of superior quality, impersonating the logo and to fool customers the cheap brand names their product Skagway.

The companies do so for some legal measures. The outer package of the product will exactly replicate the original version of the product. But inside the mechanism used will be of cheap quality and won’t last for much time.

How much does a real hoverboard cost?

The original hoverboard may cost you up to 300 dollars if you are buying from any website including the delivery cost. The outer pack may look original but the inner material will not be as good as it seems.

So before buying do keep in mind that good quality hoverboards will not cost less than 150 dollars because the materials used to make the hoverboards are quite pricy.

If you see any hoverboard less than that price then the company might have used cheap quality material. Buying those hoverboards is a wastage of money and can lead you to death as cheap hoverboard can catch fire easily.

It looks like superior quality but not exactly it is. –

While buying a hoverboard a customer not only looks for quality but also for the design. So whenever you come across a Hoverboard on a pricier side then take a good look at the design and outer packaging quality, if the quality seems quite terrible then get sure that it is a fake product also it might be a knockoff hoverboard.

The outer packaging may try to match the pricy rate but still, there will be some difference between the real one which has been developed by top rated designers of top companies.

Best Ways To Spot Fake Hoverboards
Spot Fake Hoverboards

Fake handbook –

when the product is not real then how the handbook can be? When you take a good look in the handbook the language used will not be clear if you read, there will be spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and whatnot.

The standard of the handbook says a lot about the product. The usage of paper quality will also be very poor also the diagrams of the product specified will also be very messy and not understandable.

Whereas the superior brands use their own hologram marks to make themselves apart and recognizable from others. The superior companies also put their mail id, phone numbers of customer care support specified in the handbook.

Even the handbooks of the superior companies are available online and they provide online support also. But the fake companies will not have any support service or any website of their own.

Fake ones do not keep the norms intact –.

Any brand while manufacturing a product follows the norms of the business to keep up with the genuineness of the product. Whereas the fake ones do not follow any norms.

Hoverboard’s charger should be of good quality and BS1363 should be written on it. According to professionals any charger which does not have this written then it is a fake product and no one buys it as it will be hazardous in the future.

Weight of the hoverboard –

If the hoverboard weighs less than the minimum standard fixed then it is sure that the material used inside the hoverboard might be of inferior quality, and it is a fake product.

Coming peep sound is natural? –

No, a superior quality hoverboard will never make a sound while running, not even a peep sound. If the hoverboard you are wondering to buy makes any noise then don’t bother buying it because it surely a fake one. The mechanism used to make fake hoverboard might be of cheap plastic quality.

Reviews of the product –

Before buying a hoverboard from any well-known website you must first go through the ratings and see for reviews. If you notice only negative reviews and bad ratings then avoid buying it. The ratings give a brief look at the product quality.

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