About Shane Chen:

who invented the hoverboard

Shane Chen a Chinese-American invented hoverboard in 2012 and got copyright authentication in 2013. The self-balancing scooter became popular among people very soon.

Not only it became an evening enjoyment but also was used for riding around. He was born on Feb 10, 1956, in Beijing, China.

He is an inventor and entrepreneur in Camas, a city in Washington. Although he grew up and did his early education from Beijing but now has got  American nationality. He is the founder of Inventist inc and known for the inventor of Orbit wheel stakes, ultra Drainer unicycle, self-balancing unicycle, and self-balancing hoverboard.

Shane’s immigration to America:

Chen was born and raised in Beijing, completed his early study and opt for a degree in agricultural meteorology from Beijing Agricultural University. He started some business but failed to grow in the field of agriculture. Thus he provoked by China’s difficult situation and moved to America.

Chen’s achievements

  • In 1988, he founded CID Bio-science to develop scientific instruments for agricultural research.
  • In 2003, he founded Inventist Inc company that he could develop more invention ideas.
  • He invented human-powered hydrofoil watercraft named Aquaskipper In the same year,
  • Later he designed three-wheel scooters and was licensed from RazorUSA in 2006.
  • In March 2010 he invented a self-balancing electric unicycle scooter.
  • The solo wheel won Ispo brand new finalist award in Germany 2012.
  • In 2013, Hoverboard was released to public however got the copyright in 2014.

When was hoverboard invented: 

Hoverboard was invented in 2012 and came to an innovative electrical self-balancing scooter in the market in 2013. Shen’s innovation brought a revolution in the field of sports and entertainment. And was well appreciated by people and become popular among them.

Who made the hoverboard: 

who invented the hoverboard

The concept of the hoverboard was first described by author MK Joseph in1967. Today’s what we called hoverboard the self-balancing scooter was not in those days, although it was featured in films.

That was all fictitious and was only depicted in films or books. Actually, the hoverboard should resemble a skateboard with no wheels but can fly those like magnetic trains.

That was all an author’s imagination but the existence also rumored by Robert Zemeckis in the 1990s.

Later several companies had tried to draw on hoverboard technology but none of them succeed to demonstrate the hoverboard type product from reel to real life. In the 1950s the Hiller aircraft produced flying skateboard that was similar to the modern concept of the modern hoverboard. 

Who invented hoverboard with two-wheel:

Who invented the hoverboard with wheels

In 2001 again the existence of hoverboard rumored however Dean Keman’s new invention was not really a hoverboard rather it was human transporter Segway that runs on two wheels. The human transporter Segway based on two-wheel was electric powered transporter. That was self-balancing electric scooter based on two wheels This invention also brings a revolution in technology and provides ease in transportation.

In 2004 Jamie Hyneman and his team built a hovercraft for Mythbusters but proved not very effective. In 2005 Jason Bradbury designed a hoverboard whose series came in 2007. That was designed with a wooden board and leaf blower.

Nils Guadagnin a french artist created a hoverboard that was based on the principle of magnetic repulsion. But was not a human transporter as not designed to carry a human load.

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Hoverboards nowadays:

However, it seems like a toy for kids and young for the sake of enjoyment but it is used in many ways nowadays. It provides ease in wandering around.  Many commuters find riding on a hoverboard for traveling a mile distance suitable than riding a car.

 There are some ways depicted how it is been used:

  • You possibly saw people moving on a two-wheel self-balancing cycle in a shopping mall. This is how you can use to move around to access the commodities quickly.
  • You can also use to ride a hoverboard to travel a mile distance. It is also used to wandering around your neighbors.
  • If you are on any college premises there you may go easy with a hoverboard covering one block to another.
  • Urbanites most of the time prefer to ride on a hoverboard to cover their office distance if not so far.
  • It is also used as a go-kart, you may turn this two-wheel as a cart and enjoy the competition with your neighbors.
  • Many IT and managerial companies also let their employees ride on a hoverboard to move around and to cover the distance if needed.
  • It also lets you enjoy your journey as not so fast as motor vehicles.


  • A hoverboard is self-balancing and easy to operate.
  • It is an electric scooter require to charge.
  • It is portable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Backpacks are special features to carry hoverboard.
  • It is based on the two-wheel skateboard.
  • You go easy even on snow ride.


The hoverboard is a human transporter Segway based on a two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter. It was first depicted by author MK Joseph in 1967 and later franchised in film. Many companies attempted to demonstrate the hoverboard skates but failed. However, a two-wheel human segway was designed in 2001 by Dean Keman’s. 

The hoverboard depicted in books and the franchised film was skateboard with magnetic material and can load human. But couldn’t be demonstrated by any of the companies. And finally, Shane Chen invented the two-wheel hoverboard in 2012 and released to the public in 2013. Nowadays it is used by many commuters to wander around their office, campus, indoor-outdoor as well.

A hoverboard is like a toy for kids and most of the time used as a sport by many. It is used by kids to enjoy, employee to move around in offices, like a go-kart, as an evening ride, etc. It is chargeable and portable and lets you enjoy the journey and cover the short distance with no pain. Riding a hoverboard is like skating you never forbid to ride over. 

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